At Collins Electric, we take security and safety very seriously. As a local business ourselves, we fully understand that keeping employees safe and protecting the equipment and materials that help you run your business is of the utmost importance to you. Without your employees, you wouldn't be able to run your business. Without your products or equipment, your business would cease to exist. For many of the small business owners throughout Vermont, keeping their business healthy is what "keeps the lights on (pardon our pun)" in their own households and makes them able to provide for their loved ones. Long story short: we understand that even when it's business, it's personal. Therefore, we treat security installation jobs as if we were installing them in our own houses; with much care, attention to detail, and thoughtful decision making. 

We believe that local businesses are the heart beat of the Vermont community, so we ensure a job well done when working with any job we procure, but especially those that are for our fellow local businesses.

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