Smart Homes

The industry that Collins Electric works within has been expanding in the last several years to include Smart Home installation and upgrades. We have provided this service to many a client, so that they can have more hands-free simplicity build into their daily life. Upgrading the heat/AC, appliances, lighting, TVs, computers, entertainment audio & video systems, security, and camera systems in your home (however many of the aforementioned entities exist in your home or rental units) can make for a much less hassle-laden morning routine while on your way to work or getting your kids out the door for school. It can make things much easier for retirees who want the devices and amenities in their home to be something they don't have to frustratingly fiddle with on a daily basis. Like a well-organized closet, or a well-planned kitchen, it just makes things... smoother and simpler. And who doesn't want a hassle-free morning? Let us help you get into 'the simple life' you want, in a way that uniquely you. Everything from keeping your heat and AC on a schedule to being able to manage your security cameras from your phone is achievable with Collins Electric by your side. Call us today for some more information!

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