Outlets & Switches

As a business that offers a wide variety of services, we often have clients who just need a few outlets and switches upgraded or changed up in their home to make it safer, easier, more intuitive, and/or maybe to have the outlets blend in with their home design a bit better. They're not looking for a total re-wire of their home or business, or are building a building from the ground-up and need a total electrical installation, but just need some lightweight work. We are fully equipped to handle the small, maybe more intricate and specific electric jobs that are more based in design, client preference, and client convenience. We will treat your home like it's our own and are very considerate to the disruption we unavoidably cause just by having people in your house that don't live there and an active job site happening in your home. We'll be efficient, accommodating, quick and accurate. Let us help you accomplish some of the small electrical jobs you need done around your home premises!

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